Are you selling a property?

If you haven’t sold a property in a long time or perhaps this is your first time…

  • We’ll explain the process, step by step. It’s our job to make sure you understand this sales process and what your responsibilities are, remembering all the while that you’re the final decision maker.
  • We’ll assist with gathering the information needed to sell your home including:
    • Updating you about the real estate market and market changes.
    • Providing research, comparable property prices and information from which you can decide on your home sale price.
  • We’ll arrange for your property to be very accessible:
    • Via hundreds of internet sites.
    • With print advertising in local newspapers.
    • Using MLS Listing (which reaches most other online sales sites) and on our own website.
    • Coordinating all showings with other buyers working with other Realtors.
    • Brokering negotiations for the home sale.
    • Assisting with home closing procedures.

Are you buying a property?

If you’re buying a home…

  • We can represent you exclusively or for just one showing.
  • We can do all the home searching for you.

– or –

  • We can explain methods for you to learn about and search for properties of your preference.
  • We’ll take time to understand what your dream or ideal property includes and if it’s within your budget.

It’s so much more than “how many square feet”; it’s about an environment that makes you feel good. We understand the intangible elements such as a tremendous view, an architectural style or a great location that are often hard to describe.

We will be respectful of your time by researching prospective homes and neighborhoods, coordinating information and having documents ready when you need them.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

John and Christa meet over plans at Collegeville Brokerage.