Most people make a major home purchase only a few times in their lives, and often with years or decades from one purchase to the next. You don’t need to know everything about real estate sales; that’s our job and we’ll guide you through everything.

The Collegeville Brokerage team is here to work for you. We’ll help guide you through the property selling and buying process, doing everything we can to make your property transaction a success, including all the logistics. Throughout the process, we always remember YOU are the final decision maker.

Here are the members of our team who are available to work for you:

Jon Petters

Jon will work as your broker to represent you in the sale and purchase process. Jon is known for paying attention to the needs and nuances of his clients and you’ll notice this in him right away. He’s been helping clients with successful property transactions for 33 years.

Christa Heinen

Managing details and being highly organized are just two of Christa’s many strengths. When you’re our client, her talents will quickly be apparent. She’ll see that paperwork and information for your property sale or purchase are provided in a calm, timely manner, and she’ll take care of many other details you may not think of. Christa also manages our Concierge Services. We love Christa’s positive attitude toward challenges and problem solving. You will, too!

Colleen Petters

Colleen is a connector of businesses and people, and she’ll be a part of coordinating the marketing of your property. She will work to see that the advertising and promotion of your property has its best foot forward.

Al Mesna

Al is all about serving the community and being engaged with people and organizations in the area. Al knows a LOT of people, which is really useful when something needs to get done, like selling your property. Al comes to us with a long history of sales, and as one of our licensed real estate…

Robert Lopez

Robert works with us at all our properties and is talented in managing many types of repairs and improvements. Robert seems to know how to fix just about anything we challenge him with!

Suzie Mesna

Suzi will immediately make you feel at home and welcome wherever you are. When a client wants help staging their home and preparing a property for sale, we refer them to Suzi. She is attentive and sensitive to your home and possessions, and you will feel comfortable when she assists in getting your home ready for showings.