The purchase or sale of a property can be an exciting time, but it may also feel stressful to some clients. We offer Concierge Real Estate Services to assist and support you through the sales and purchase process. It’s that hand holding you may need.

What are Concierge Real Estate Services? It’s all those things besides the actual sale or purchase of a home that need to get done. Christa Heinen manages our Concierge Services, and she’ll help you deal with anything you need, including anything that may inhibit you moving.

One example would be items that you need repaired before selling your home. We have specialty tradespeople we can refer to you, and we will help arrange for their services if that’s what you need. Another example would be sitting down with you and going through everything that is important for you to keep and what you may want to sell or donate before a big move.

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Here are many more examples of Concierge Services we can provide for you:

  • Staging furniture and rooms.
  • Coordinating the listing and selling of your household items that you no longer want.
  • Arranging the shipment of family heirlooms.
  • Helping pack precious mementos.
  • Supervising the cleaning of gutter and exterior siding to speed your sale along.
  • Having items shipped to your son out-of-state or donating unwanted items to the charity of your choice.
  • Arranging to have things repaired by our special team of plumbers, carpenters and handymen & women.
  • Assisting with moving and packing.
  • Helping arrange and coordinate where you are moving.
  • Recommending things to do if you don’t recognize them yourself.

We’ve done many things for our clients. We have…

  • Changed locks for a homeowner when she was out of the country and was worried about the security…in only six hours!
  • Shampooed the carpets, painted walls and washed the windows the day before a home went on the market for one of our homeowners.
  • Trimmed shrubs.
  • Arranged for a client’s insurance agent to take care of a problem.
  • Delivered chicken soup to a sick client.
  • Provided a shoulder to lean on and hugs whenever needed.

What can we do for you?